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We deliver customizable group health solutions that deliver significant, long-term results for your organization.

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RxMetrix, The
New Way Forward.

A PBM without conflict, RxMetrix monitors and manages your benefit to drive outcomes and lower healthcare costs. Above all, RxMetrix provides plan sponsors with powerful tools and insightful information to make strategic benefits decisions.

We Serve:

Self-Funded Employers

More than ever before, employers need a PBM partner that is looking out for them to provide clinical programs that save costs, that uncovers the best contract rates, that finds creative ways to engage members, and delivers access to reports and information to empower employers to make sound business decisions. With RxMetrix as your ally, employers receive all of this and then some. We roll up our sleeves and get in the trenches with employers to ensure that the employer, its employees, and their providers are satisfied as we align incentives and implement effective cost management and improve employee health outcomes.

Our Seamless Workflow

Our differentiator is providing a seamless workflow and access to data/reports that enhances the ability to serve your clients efficiently and effectively. RxMetrix provides transparency to all our clients including health plans, TPAs, and ACOs in-line with the assurance they make to their clients. We collaborate with our partners to deploy our clinical programs as part of their overall clinical strategy. Our network contract rates and utilization management tools are deployed to provide our partners with the lowest net pharmacy costs. Therefore, collaboration with RxMetrix supports quality metrics for our partners and provides both clinical savings as well as cost savings on overall utilization.

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