About Us

RxMetrix is a new type of PBM that is disrupting the norm and providing empowerment for plan sponsors. Driven by outcomes rather than price, clinical management rather than claims processing, and partnership rather than gamesmanship, RxMetrix has demonstrated unparalleled, proven success.

Our partnership model was designed to produce results through a collaborative management of each quadrant of the benefits/clinical sphere: plan sponsor/patient (member)/doctor/pharmacist. The ultimate goal of this collaborative perspective is to achieve optimal utilization of benefits. This is done by aligning the incentives of each stakeholder quadrant through clinically-focused programs that improve patient outcomes, fair reimbursement, clear guidelines, and a management platform built to control costs and provide transparency.

A panacea for failing PBM service, RxMetrix is a disruptive force to help plan sponsors take back control of their pharmacy cost. RxMetrix was created to accomplish this with one mission in mind – transparency that aligns the incentives of plan sponsors, patients, and providers in order to improve member outcomes and reduce costs.